August 21, 2009

August Hot Shots

Terry Johnston is everywhere.....he is found backstage, shooting burlesque babes and demented gorilla clowns, hobnobbing with some big-wig, important type or leading herds of effusive photogs throughout our fair city. He is my main go-to for all my photo shoot needs and has varieties of sneakers to match ANY outfit combo!

I was excited to finally have him grace Dr. Sketchy's GR with his snazzy self. Next month he will be the featured, celebrity judge!

I have had to cut off my clickin' hand to restrain myself from posting all of the striking images he created from the evening.

To get your hands on Terry, or at least drool over his work, see:

he totally shot the title image for this blog - the caged-unicorn-thought-bubble is a small section of the mural painted by Jeff Vandenburg, located in the beer garden of the Meanwhile Bar.


Jasinya Sanchez, drag queen/comedienne/character actor/songstress, provided a stunning bodyscape for the Art Monkeys on August 15th.

As Joan Crawford, a harem girl and a retro, beach babe pin-up, Jasinya held her art-making audience captive, while being captured herself through various mediums.

Several pencil wielding sketchers reverted to their photographic roots, creating quite the shoot out between themselves and professional photogs, Terry Johnston and Jonathan Clay, whose images will grace this blog often.

Prizes like two tickets to Jasinya's comedy show, Old Lady Monday, were given away. A custom Audacious Hoop was nabbed. A Meanwhile tee shirt was won, not to mention tons of free shots - all during contests like "draw the model as your zodiac sign" and "draw the model armless because her limbs were eaten by zombies."

The contests were lorded over by celebrity judge and artist himself, Corey Ruffin aka Mr. Happypants, who insisted far too often, that there were "too many" great images, and "can we do a tie?" And I thought he would be a hardass!

August 19, 2009

July Hot Shots 2

These images were shot by Jonathan Clay - I had a diffifult time selecting only a few.
You can see more of his work and HIRE him at
Overflowing bucketfuls of many more photos are on
facebook: "Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Grand Rapids"

July Hot Shots

Picture snapper extraordinare, Steven dePolo, captured the glory (and tushie) of the event.

Sexy Seconds

Velveeta the Cheetah, the glass walking, Super Happy Funtime Burlesque vixen and extra-super-literate lass, sent pencils and pens....ahem...mightily a-quiver at the second installment of Dr. Sketchy's!
Tickets to Sarah Jean Adventure Time's one woman show, One Pretty Funny Girl: Reloaded were given away, an Audacious Hoop gift certificate was doled out and an official Meanwhile Bar t-shirt was bestowed upon one lucky torso.

Raindrops were bravely dodged and the legion of Dr. Sketchy's Art Monkeys grew!
Hot Damn! What a night it was!
**poster art by Audacious herself***

Explosive Beginning

Grand Rapids, Michigan gave birth to it's own branch of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School* on June 20, 2009.

Debut model, La La Vulvaria of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque fame (among other striking and notable achievements) blew everyone away with her smokin' hot assets and pretzel-like poses.

At the evening's close, titillated and tipsy from winning booze during zany contests, the newly christened Art Monkeys bumbled into the night, ardently devoted to the wildest art event in town!

*Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School: a Primer

Once a month, adventurous and mercurial artists (and non-artists alike) will convene at The Meanwhile bar for a rollicking and unpredictable Dr. Sketchy's "Life Drawing" event hosted by the Vivacious Miss Audacious.Each month will feature a different, striking and notable, muse, clad in outrageous garb, posing for you!

"Like, who?" You wonder?

Burlesque performers
Roller Derby Gals
Sideshow performers
Drag Queens/Kings
Glamazons, etc...

For 3 hours, you will witness a variety of poses for varied lengths of time which you may depict through any medium you desire!

Paint, Draw, Sketch...use Broken Crayons, Dried Up Paint, Stubby Pencils, fancy Rapidographs and overpriced Copic Markers, or your ex-best friend's blood....

Well, avoid using blood....

While the model breaks to revive the feeling in her/his appendages and digits, there are stimulating contests and snazzy prizes!

Drink, Swear, Rock Out and Make Art!

Direct inquiries to

$7 to participate

1 Drink minimum

Meanwhile Bar
1005 Wealthy St.
Grand Rapids, MI, 49506
Sketchy Universe
(***Debut poster art by Corey Ruffin aka Mr. Happy Pants***)