January 8, 2010

New Sponsor! Baby Tattoo Books!

I am very excited to announce new sponsorship!

Each month, a lucky, contest winning Art Monkey will bag a tasty treat of an art book from Baby Tattoo Books!

Predominately hardcover, with luscious, full color images, these lovely tomes are worth fighting for.

In December, I handed over a copy of Visions From Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffery Scott, to one lucky winner.

Check out babytattoo.com to get your own copy, or peruse other available titles.

January 3, 2010

Oh, Yeah - Press!

Recoil Magazine interviewed me, your dedicated headmistress, about Dr. Sketchy's last month!

The long awaited link to read the article online has not yet materialized!

Quick, dash off to find a neglected pocket of Recoildom to check out the December issue. If all else fails, a scan may be in order!


Vivacious Miss Audacious

November 19, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's is featured in Rapid Growth's G-Sync!

Grand Rapids' own branch of Anti-Art School is getting noticed!

Many thanks to Tommy Allen, wildman writer of Rapid Growth Media's column, G-Sync, which features must-do, hot events around town. Which is exactly what we are, HOT and MUST-DO!!!

See the link below to read the article (psst...scroll down a little!)


Also, if you want a glimpse into the zany world of your headmistress, see the additional article in Rapid Growth, about the life and times of a muli-tasking maniac.

Link below:


See you all on the 28th! When Dr. Sketchy's returns!

November 12, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's GR in the Press!

The college press just got hip to our rockin', rollin' and raucous monthly art event!

Grand Valley State University's Grand Valley Lanthorn published an article, released today.
It includes photos of the event by the illustrious Terry Johnston.

Click to link to read the write up.


Love your devoted Headmistress,

Vivacious Miss Audacious

October 26, 2009


Hello, Art Monkeys! I am excited to announce that the brief, transitional hiatus is almost over!

We had an awesome first 4 months in the lovely Meanwhile Bar beer garden! But alas, not only is Sketchy's growing quickly but, the fast approaching cold weather months forced me to seek out a new venue due to space and, you know, freezing temperatures...

As we hold the Meanwhile dear to our hearts (and continue to get sloshed over there) I am please to reveal that Sketchy's will now be held at Sazerac Lounge!

Not only are we going to be in a new space, but Sketchy's is going to be a whole lot SEXIER!

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School 2.0: Class begins November 28th and will be held the 4th Saturday of every month! Art time is 6pm - 9pm as usual.

There is a new price, $10 to participate. I know we we're loving the lower rate BUT, you get a bargain deal for your hard earned cash............

A new burlesque event is in town! Shimmy Shack Burlesque debuts Nov. 28th, 10pm - 1am, following the return of Dr. Sketchy's.

Dr. Sketchy Art Monkeys who pay $10, get into Shimmy Shack for FREE!

In between the two events, DJ Dizzy JD will be on hand to rock you into special sexy time!
There may even be some gals shakin' it, to get you warmed up for the show.

Shimmy Shack Burlesque will feature your favorite babes from Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, a brand new, demented host, plus NEW babes to keep your drool fresh!

Basically you get all the gal time, and less talking, as this show focuses on the Tease!

I'm fabulously pumped, and cannot wait for November 28th!

Send questions to:


Vivacious Miss Audacious

Recap + Photos!

September was the biggest Dr. Sketchy's GR yet!

We had the largest turn out, the most models at one time, and the antics level went through the non-roof of the Meanwhile Bar beer garden!...perhaps an intergalactic level of antics?

The roller girls were nutty, lewd, liquor guzzlin' and hilariously frisky as models.

Memorable moments include posed hair pulls, Quarter Boy brandishing a giant, golden...er...member, while wearing a prom-brides-something dress and we cannot forget King Aiko's impromptu Buddha striptease cum instant modeling sesh!

Those wild women managed to rock their poses atop a picnic table while wearing skates! Proving that Derby Girls kick serious ass and have balance to make make monkeys jealous.

Additionally, the Gals brought such an overflow of Derby merch for prizes that we added a 2nd and 3rd place to each contest to spread the logo love!

Terry Johnston, photographer extraordinaire, was September's celebrity judge and rocked the role in style, clad in a super-fab roller girl outfit complete with toe-pinching, ultra-retro hot skates!

He also managed to nab some wonderful shots, featured here in the very blog post!

Yehaw and Phew! Golden memories, indeed.



September - Roller Derby Dames!

This post is waaaaay overdue!!!

September featured three of the amazing Grand Raggidy Roller Girls. This is what I wrote about them!

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls - September 5th models!

Dr. Sketchy's gets a Tri-Force of Fury!

A select tio of Grand Raggidy Roller Girls will roll you over with their boozy antics, butch-diva demands, and short & oh-so-sassy skirts.

Get wrapped up in their muscular thighs of steel, dip your inkpen into their negative spaces, and duct tape your charcoal pencil back together after they blast it in half with an intense stare.

Speed demons with a love for danger and glory, these badass broads will expand your arty horizons, force you to remember The Rule of Thirds, and lower the octave of your giggles.

Fresh from traveling throughout the U.S., the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls took time out of their busy schedule of pummeling wimps to model, for YOU! TONIGHT! September 5th, at the Meanwhile Bar.

Tempt fate, draw the dizzying whir of hot skates in motion! Win tickets to derby shows, signed posters, and more!

Also, witness the special surprise guest, and his secret, secret things.....