August 21, 2009


Jasinya Sanchez, drag queen/comedienne/character actor/songstress, provided a stunning bodyscape for the Art Monkeys on August 15th.

As Joan Crawford, a harem girl and a retro, beach babe pin-up, Jasinya held her art-making audience captive, while being captured herself through various mediums.

Several pencil wielding sketchers reverted to their photographic roots, creating quite the shoot out between themselves and professional photogs, Terry Johnston and Jonathan Clay, whose images will grace this blog often.

Prizes like two tickets to Jasinya's comedy show, Old Lady Monday, were given away. A custom Audacious Hoop was nabbed. A Meanwhile tee shirt was won, not to mention tons of free shots - all during contests like "draw the model as your zodiac sign" and "draw the model armless because her limbs were eaten by zombies."

The contests were lorded over by celebrity judge and artist himself, Corey Ruffin aka Mr. Happypants, who insisted far too often, that there were "too many" great images, and "can we do a tie?" And I thought he would be a hardass!

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