October 26, 2009

Recap + Photos!

September was the biggest Dr. Sketchy's GR yet!

We had the largest turn out, the most models at one time, and the antics level went through the non-roof of the Meanwhile Bar beer garden!...perhaps an intergalactic level of antics?

The roller girls were nutty, lewd, liquor guzzlin' and hilariously frisky as models.

Memorable moments include posed hair pulls, Quarter Boy brandishing a giant, golden...er...member, while wearing a prom-brides-something dress and we cannot forget King Aiko's impromptu Buddha striptease cum instant modeling sesh!

Those wild women managed to rock their poses atop a picnic table while wearing skates! Proving that Derby Girls kick serious ass and have balance to make make monkeys jealous.

Additionally, the Gals brought such an overflow of Derby merch for prizes that we added a 2nd and 3rd place to each contest to spread the logo love!

Terry Johnston, photographer extraordinaire, was September's celebrity judge and rocked the role in style, clad in a super-fab roller girl outfit complete with toe-pinching, ultra-retro hot skates!

He also managed to nab some wonderful shots, featured here in the very blog post!

Yehaw and Phew! Golden memories, indeed.



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