October 26, 2009

September - Roller Derby Dames!

This post is waaaaay overdue!!!

September featured three of the amazing Grand Raggidy Roller Girls. This is what I wrote about them!

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls - September 5th models!

Dr. Sketchy's gets a Tri-Force of Fury!

A select tio of Grand Raggidy Roller Girls will roll you over with their boozy antics, butch-diva demands, and short & oh-so-sassy skirts.

Get wrapped up in their muscular thighs of steel, dip your inkpen into their negative spaces, and duct tape your charcoal pencil back together after they blast it in half with an intense stare.

Speed demons with a love for danger and glory, these badass broads will expand your arty horizons, force you to remember The Rule of Thirds, and lower the octave of your giggles.

Fresh from traveling throughout the U.S., the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls took time out of their busy schedule of pummeling wimps to model, for YOU! TONIGHT! September 5th, at the Meanwhile Bar.

Tempt fate, draw the dizzying whir of hot skates in motion! Win tickets to derby shows, signed posters, and more!

Also, witness the special surprise guest, and his secret, secret things.....

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